The Basics of Cultural Constitutions

In this installment of Neck Up audio, Mike and Bill discuss how and why constitutions are important to leadership development. From George Washington and Ben Franklin to Premier Community Bank, constitutions take different forms but always provide the building blocksĀ of success.



  1. Amy Steenbock 5 years ago
    Again I have to agree with the the ladies here. Jackie is correct with Premier having their own Constitution. What makes the Premier Constitution special is that it was created by the employees for the employees.
  2. Jackie Suehring 5 years ago
    The Cultural Constitution is a wonderful thing. I am so glad that Premier Community Bank has put together our own Constitution that we can follow at the bank and in our lives.
  3. Lisa Erdmann 5 years ago
    The Cultural Constitutions have great meaning for the leadership and business development. Mike also has a great history background and explains in detail thru out the CD.
  4. Sheila Mroczynski 5 years ago
    Your own constitutional values help you make decisions every day. Those with whom you work follow their own constitutional values. Hopefully they combine to a positive result to help build successes for yourself and your work. Teamwork!
  5. Sue Erzinger 5 years ago
    As I listened to the basics of Cultural Constitution, it reinforced how each person can be a leader in their own way and contribute to overall success no matter if it's at home or at work.