Always Play Poker With Billy Blazikowski


If after 30 minutes you can’t spot the sucker at the table, the sucker is you.

This poker proverb sums up social awareness, a key concept of emotional intelligence. Social awareness is the art of understanding how your actions are being received and perceived by others.

In 1982 Hollywood hatched, “Night Shift” staring Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton as Billy Blazikowski. Check out this example of Blazikowski’s utter and complete lack of social awareness as he meets his new partner.

Do you know how others perceive you?

Are you sure?


  1. Amy Steenbock 5 years ago
    I think so. I agree with Jackie on body language being misread, but would also have to add tone of your voice. Tone can change the entire meaning of what is said. Be very careful with both.
  2. Sharon Malueg 5 years ago
    I would hope I come across as sincere and trustworthy. I am a hard worker, but do have one fault where I can't be told to just do something without in my mind having it make sense. I like to know the how and why behind something so it makes more sense to me.
  3. Brianna Finger 5 years ago
    It is interesting to think about how others perceive you. I would hope that my family and loved ones would tell me if there was a problem with how I act and make others feel. I agree with everyone else that body language is a big indicator on how people make you feel and it can be misread in a lot of situations.
  4. Kay Tellock 5 years ago
    Tiffany had some great comments and made me do some more thinking. I am a big question person, I am sure people get annoyed by my many questions. I do feel though asking them helps me to gain better insight into a situation. Like Tiffany said without those questions we come to a conclusion that may not even be the right one. Being able to read a room and know when the right time is to ask the questions is very helpful. Taking that moment to think before the questions come out is so important. So the correct question is asked and with the correct words and using the right tone.
  5. Dana Bessette 5 years ago
    Sometimes someone new with bright, fresh ideas can be a little throwing, since we are often stuck in a routine, this is how it's done. However, after keeping an open mind, we might find a better way. A positive energy is always refreshing.
  6. Tiffany Krueger 5 years ago
    When watching how others sometime react, I often get paranoid and think I know what is going on. This can cause assumptions to be made and then things to get blown out of proportion. What we need to learn to do is just ask questions and talk about what we are reading into a situation, Most times you will find that your mind has made up a huge story that isn't even close to what reality really is.
  7. Char Larsen 5 years ago
    Although I am not an introvert it is sometimes hard to always be engaged and project positive body language. Sometimes I just want to lean back and listen, then because that is not my usual mannerism I think it is easy to assume I am not interested???
  8. Vicki Riska 5 years ago
    Like Melissia, I am more quiet than I am vocal so my body language can and does definitely come off as mad, or unsociable or arrogant. Once introverts warm up to the crowd they are with, they usually feel more comfortable. We do have to be careful on who we judge.
  9. Melissia Mortensen 5 years ago
    Since I'm an introvert I am very aware of what people think of me and 100% of the time it is very wrong. I hear all the time that I'm mad or crabby when really I'm 100% fine. I know that I give off the wrong impression because whenever I'm in a group I normally shut down and try to avoid any interaction and most times people assume that it is because I am mad, when really I'm just trying to avoid making a fool of myself or to be judged or singled out.
  10. Lynae Wudstrack 5 years ago
    Sometimes I am no sure how people perceive my body language. I think it is very helpful to have someone in your circle of friends to give sincere feedback on how you come across. In communicating I think it is a good idea for people to repeat what they hear you saying to give you a chance to clarify.
  11. Jackie Suehring 5 years ago
    Yes, body language is everything and can be misread at times. Be careful.
  12. Jeff Wilke 5 years ago
    A lot can be learned on how a person percieves you based on his/her body language.
  13. Debbie Greenberg 5 years ago
    no I have no idea I would hope people would, honest honorable and hard working but kind and giving. I would hope my family would loving and caring.

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