The Basics of Cultural Constitutions

In this installment of Neck Up audio, Mike and Bill discuss how and why constitutions are important to leadership development. From George Washington and Ben Franklin to Premier Community Bank, constitutions take different forms but always provide the building blocks of success.


Making the Five Practices Real


There are five practices of the Kouzes and Posner challenge. Each practice was identified through interviews with individual leaders across the country. The real life successes and failures of everyday leaders showed a clear pattern. And those patterns became the five practices of what we’re studying in the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge.

For this December’s blog and leadership audio, we’ve interviewed Mr. Dick Pamperin, current Chairman of the Board and past president and CEO of Premier Community Bank. As Dick shares his experiences as a leader in a community bank, see if you can spot the same patterns as Kouzes and Posner.

Do you see any of the five practices at work? Choose one of the five practices and connect it to an example in Dick’s interview.


The Effects of Negativity

The Effects of Negativity

Negative emotions are powerful, very real and constant aspect of our daily lives.  By better understanding the sources, causes and role negativity plays, you can become a more adept manager of darker side of your nature.