1. Kay Tellock 4 years ago
    I have personally learned how important it is to recognize people for their efforts. This particularly has affected me in my volunteer life. I have learned that if a volunteer is getting a bit harder to work with, a simple recognition or thank you goes a long way and their attitude many times is changed and gets them back on track. Volunteers do a lot for no pay and burn out can and does happen. By being recognized for their efforts, it keeps them moving forward in their role of volunteering with an organization and helping that organization to succeed. Which is truly the goal of all involved.
  2. Lisa Erdmann 4 years ago
    Really enjoyed listening to this CD - If only everyone knew what a pat on the back or just a "Thank You" means to you - it makes you feel that they really appreciate who and what I do. Thank you!!
  3. Amy Steenbock 5 years ago
    A sincere Thank You, Good Job, Well Done will go along way. Enough said
  4. Hilary Kristof 5 years ago
    Being recognized not only makes you feel good but makes you want to do your job to your full potential and beyond. Saying thank you or a small gesture does go a long ways and that they do notice what you are doing.
  5. Sandy Bremmer 5 years ago
    My Manager is the most enthusiastic and positive person I have ever worked with. She always knows just the right thing to say. Encouragement goes such a long way, giving one more confidence and enjoyment out of your job. Receiving this, in turn, makes me want to encourage and help others when they need a pat on the back.
  6. Jackie Suehring 5 years ago
    Thanking co workers, volunteers, and family members sure goes a long way when you are sincere. Volunteers need to be thanked for their time. Then they well continue volunteering.
  7. Melissia Mortensen 5 years ago
    I like the idea of giving marbles to those have done something to help. It is a neat little recognition.
  8. Sheila Mroczynski 5 years ago
    Although it is nice to be recognized for doing something right, or doing a good job, it should not be necessary to do your job. You should always WANT to do your best. At this branch, Iola, we are encouraged and recognized everyday. We have a great manager who is always positive and who makes coming to work enjoyable.
  9. Sue Erzinger 5 years ago
    Enjoyed listening to Encourage the Heart. An item that hit home is the personal recognition. Just a small thank you to those around you, or a small gesture of personalized recognition goes a long way