Making the Five Practices Real


There are five practices of the Kouzes and Posner challenge. Each practice was identified through interviews with individual leaders across the country. The real life successes and failures of everyday leaders showed a clear pattern. And those patterns became the five practices of what we’re studying in the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge.

For this December’s blog and leadership audio, we’ve interviewed Mr. Dick Pamperin, current Chairman of the Board and past president and CEO of Premier Community Bank. As Dick shares his experiences as a leader in a community bank, see if you can spot the same patterns as Kouzes and Posner.

Do you see any of the five practices at work? Choose one of the five practices and connect it to an example in Dick’s interview.



  1. Amy Steenbock 5 years ago
    I have always enjoyed listing to Mr. P. To pick one of the five it is hard to do. Mr. P models and believes in each one. How he talks about how banking used to be and how it has changed. One thing always stands true, need to go above and beyond.
  2. Jackie Suehring 5 years ago
    I loved listening to Dick Pamperin's many stories. I am very certain that our Premier Family is standing out because of these five practices. I think all new employees should listen to this CD when they are hired. What a learning experience.
  3. Lisa Erdmann 5 years ago
    What an awesome story Mr Pamperin! What stands out to me was the principle of "Modeling the Way". Listening to how banking was done years ago it has come a long way in today society. to have great customer service you need motivation and commitment. And being a leader in the industry you need to facilitate, educate and go above and beyond to reach your goals.
  4. Sheila Mroczynski 5 years ago
    I heard an example of Challenge the Process when Mr. Pamperin talked about being different than the other banks in town. He challenged what they had set as "normal" for holiday hours by staying open longer on Christmas Eve, and also moving the bank out of town.
  5. Sue Erzinger 5 years ago
    After listening, out of the five practices, Inspire a shared vision stuck out to me. If you believe in something, don't back down & move ahead. Be different, as that is what sets you apart. Just a little bit of extra effort goes a long way, and pick the right moments that are special. Loved the story of Emily & the hand delivered calendar and the hand written notes.
  6. Debbie Greenberg 5 years ago
    To know it is ok to be different and be true to what you believe in To have customer service that is what you want if the person was your family member, so they know you truly care. Make sure you have people around you that want to be the same way in ethics and beliefs. To be able to have mistakes and learn from them. Very hard for me, but you have to be able to learn to bend when things have to change.