A Tent Pole Seminar is a 1/2 day event that helps develop the foundation for teaching, learning, developing, and implementing research based leadership practices. These are held on Columbus and Presidents Day.

A Twenty Minute Tesseract is a brief 20 minute training that will teach a concept and/or skill related to one of 6 leadership tools. These trainings will occur at the monthly deposit and loan team meetings at the home office in the months of November, January, March, May, July, and September.

A Closer Look Webex is a 45 minute webinar that will build off of the twenty minute tesseract and dive deeper into one of the 6 leadership tools. Two webinars will be held on a day shortly after the loan team meeting at 12pm and 1pm. Employees are encouraged to participate in the live webinar; however, they can also participate by listening to a recording at any time. There will be a total of 12 webinars to cover the 6 leadership tools (2 per tool).

A Neck Up Blog is a brief blog post that employees are encouraged to respond to in order to foster robust engagement in a learning community dialogue. You will learn as much and likely more from your peers than from the trainers. There will be one blog post on each of the 6 leadership tools. Blog posts will occur either during the month of or in the month following the respective 20 minute tesseract.

Four very short (50 words or less) emails will be sent in the weeks during and/or following 20 minute tesseract trainings on each of the 6 leadership tools. The emails will provide quick stories, examples, quotes, etc. as quick reminders to reinforce learning. A total of 24 emails will be provided.

An Appreciation Board is quite literally a board for you to post comments about how you appreciate a colleague (e.g., what they did, said, etc.). The posted comment should connect what they did, said, etc. to the values embedded in The PREMIER RULE.

A Resource Library containing books, articles, and audios will be developed for those who want to dig even deeper into a topic and tesseract themselves forward. A portion of the library will be present on the Neck Up website, while other materials will be noted in an on line index and available in hard copy from the home office through interbank delivery.

Late Night Leadership is a three hour session focused on discussing and engaging in educational exercises pertaining to a leadership book. There will be four LNLs held, one for each of 4 different books. These will be held from 6pm – 9pm at locations to be determined. LNL participants are expected to completely read the assigned book and complete any other pre-work that might be assigned. The book will be provided 4 – 6 weeks in advance of the session.

The Neck Up Leadership Challenge is an intensive, approximately 20 hour journey for approximately 10 employees. It will focus on the five critical exemplary leadership practices that have been identified through the research of James Kouzes and Barry Posner. It is anticipated that this will begin with a one-day workshop followed by 5 – 6 monthly two hour sessions.